Welcome to the World of Project Merc

Me and my friend have been thinking about enriching the story for CRIME.NET.

It all began with a simple idea of a character which was created from a few thoughts and a description.

This character had no name at first.

After some drawings and images the name Phantom was chosen for this concept.

We then moved on to create some more story and build on this characters development to bring him to life.

It didnt take a long time, we created his counterpart and partner Sol.

Both working as mercenaries, both have scars of a terrible past on their body and their soul.

After some time, we developed a new character to join these two mercenaries.

His Name is Dusk.

But since we made a whole World around our Characters we wanted to be Independent.  

Currently Project Merc has 4 Chapters in which our "Heroes" Sol, Phantom, Dusk and a Mysterious 4th Member, Fight. 

Because this page didnt got updated the last time, it seemed we buried this Project, but thats wrong, we worked on many things "behind the scene" 

What is finished?

  • Basics of 4 Main Characters
  • Backstory for 3 Main Characters 
  • Basics of 10 Other Characters
  • Some Concept Arts and Finished Images
  • Some Music (listen and download for free) 

What is under construction?

  • Backstory of the 4th Member
  • Skills and Abilities 
  • Concept art of all Characters
  • More Music and Images

What is planned?

  • 5 Chapters  
  • A Virtual "Book"  
  • Unique Music Themes for Locations and Characters  
  • More free music  
  • Quotes which may include voice acting  
  • Videos  
  • Images            
  • Own Project Merc Games            

And so much more content. 

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