Home, Network, Control or simply HNC is a big company founded in Germany, which works on many secret experiments. The Company is split into different facilities which follow their own goals. Official known for help-programs and charity events, HNC works in their Facility "The Agency" on brainwash methods to create Spies from kidnapped children which sabotage other companies and the government itself. F-0.X alias Fox is the first attempt to create an Assassin like supersoldier just by manipulating brainparts and disable human mind tracks. F-1.X alias Phantom is the second Prototype.


  • The Agency - creating Spies and Assassin like Soldiers by Brainwashing Children
  • The Forge - Experimental Weapon and Armour Manufactory
  • The Garage - Vehicle Prototype Manufactory and testing ground
  • The Camp - Recruitment and Trainings outpost for the HNC Secrutity Force