Corvus is the fusion of an ingenious and an insane mind. He is a true, natural leader and a master of trickery.

He was also known under nickname Raven, leader of mercenary group called Murder and the NEST king's most trusted man. So trusted that the King ordered the rest of the Murder group members to be more loyal to Raven than himself.

One day of fame and sorrow, Raven took his words literally. "If he ever orders you to kill me, you will do it." 

Murder reached its name.

Not many other people died that day. Raven was so feared among citizens and NEST's army, that they accepted him as the new king without willing to defy him.

Murder was dismissed and most of its members became powerful people in the NEST. Only one member refused an offered post and stayed with his former "boss" as a personal body guard.

Corvus recently started a conflict with the multinational corporation Home Network Control who lay claim to his land.